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Law Firm Consultant Process Improvement

Today, to attract and maintain clients, law firms are being asked to lower fees through discounted rates, alternative fee arrangements, fixed fee through the life of the matter and to follow client guidelines that restrict who can bill and what expenses can be charged. Firms can respond by writing off charges (losing profitability) or by examining their internal processes to determine how to increase efficiency and to improve quality.

CRE8 Independent Consultants Law Firm Process Improvement Method

Since 1995, we have improved law firms, legal departments, and courts. For law firms, we have developed a Law Firm Process Improvement "LFPI™ method" to advance firm value, profitability, and client service. This approach is designed to improve operational, transactional and litigation areas at the enterprise, department, and group level. Working with internal law firm teams, we teach and lead these teams on how to reduce process costs, mistakes, issues, and re-work; while improving quality, service, and realization.

Example improvement areas include executive director, administration, marketing, finance, human resources, inclusion, knowledge, project management, legal personnel, professional development, professional responsibility, corporate, and litigation.

We also assist firms with technology planning including AI, digital workflow, content management, electronic signature, information governance, electronic records management, and computer system replacement. We evaluate new technologies and return on investment, develop request for proposals, and assess vendors. As independent consultants, we do not sell or represent technology solutions, which allow CRE8 to provide an independent voice in the assessment of options, vendors, and approaches.

Our consultants are certified in agile, business process management, lean, six sigma, continuous process improvement, re-engineering, workflow, management consulting, project management, document management, and records management. Many of our law firm consultants are former practicing attorneys and CPA's.. For a free phone consultation to discuss ways, CRE8 Independent Consultants can be of help to your firm, contact us.

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