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Legal Department Consultant Process Improvement

Today, a legal department must accomplish more with a smaller budget and fewer resources. One way Legal Departments can respond is to gain an understanding of how process improvement methods can be used to reduce costs in the areas of spend, assessment, discovery, litigation, waste, and improve quality in areas such as policies, procedures, process, records management and governance.

CRE8 Independent Consultants Legal Department Process Improvement Method

Since 1995, we have assisted hundreds of organizations and have extensive experience improving legal departments as well as law firms, and courts. For legal departments we have developed a Legal Department Process Improvement "LDPI™" method" designed to improve efficiency, quality, and responsiveness.

We provide legal departments with direct consulting and training services. Our direct consulting services provide senior consulting staff to help legal departments accomplish specific process improvement goals. Our training sessions help to create a legal department culture to support change and educate attendees in process improvement concepts and methods.

Working with your teams we identify how to reduce process: costs, waiting time, unnecessary steps, mistakes, communication issues, uncertainty, and re-work; and improve quality and service. Our approach engages legal and administrative staff to participate and support successful roll out of process changes.

We also assist legal departments with planning for: information governance, electronic records management, paperless technologies, workflow and computer system replacement. Our consultants are certified in: LEAN, Six Sigma, TQM, re-engineering, workflow, document management, records management, and system development. Many of our legal department consultants are former practicing attorneys and CPA's. To learn more about how CRE8 can be of assistance, to your organization Contact CRE8..

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