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What Is Electronic Content Management (Ecm), And Consultant Planning Methods

Electronic Content Management (ECM) definition, deployment risks, planning steps, consulting assistance, and articles.

What is ECM Electronic Content Management? ECM modules provide storage, security, view, and output of electronic content (data, documents, text, video, voice). Content stored in ECM originates from scanners, email, electronic forms, shared network drives, and data systems. Indexing can be keyword related (field) or full content. Content is routed using email or structured workflow software, and can be approved using Digital Signature software. Security is typically established at the document/form, user, group and enterprise level to control access and rights. Retention and disposition are provided by an electronic records management (ERM) module.

ECM Electronic Content Management Deployment Risks. Improper planning, selection of wrong vendor, accuracy of capture/indexing, not standardizing indexes, time to search, improper integration to data systems, workflows not defined correctly, and not updating supporting records information management RIM schedules, and information governance (IG) policies and procedures.

How to Plan for ECM. Develop an enterprise ECM plan to set budget, expectations, and a multi-year roadmap. Document content management, workflow, and electronic records management requirements before vendor selection and implementation. Update records information management (RIM) and information governance IG programs, policies, procedures, and schedules before ECM deployment.

How CRE8 Independent Consultants can Help. Since 1995, CRE8 has assisted organizations with development of ECM enterprise-wide plans, application design requirements, process improvement, workflow mapping, update of records schedules (RIM) and information governance (IG) plans, ROI assessment, budgets, RFP, vendor selection, project management, and vendor implementation quality assurance review. To learn more about how we can help your organization, contact us.

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