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What Is ERM Electronic Records Management Planning, And Consulting Methods

Electronic Records Management (ERM) definition, deployment risks, and assistance.

What is ERM Electronic Records Management? The ERM module, of an Electronic Content Management (ECM) system, supports the retention and disposition of records stored in the ECM system; based upon attributes such as record series, close date, and retention period. Some ERM modules allow for legal holds and will prevent disposition of a document if it is accessed close to its disposition date. An ERM module should comply (application, configuration, and information) with up-to-date organizational Information governance (IG) / Records Information Management RIM program. Structured routing of documents can be provided by Workflow technology.

ERM Deployment Risks Include the ERM module not in compliance with an up-to-date organizational Information Governance IG / Records Information Management RIM program. Examples include lack of or out of date taxonomy and functional records retention schedules; noncompliance with audit and regulatory requirements; electronic records, email, and physical records not being disposed of consistently; and outdated policies, procedures, schedules, and plans.

How CRE8 can Help. Since 1995, we have assisted with selection of proper ERM, ECM and Workflow modules to support IG RIM, and operational requirements. CRE8 has helped organizations assess maturity and risk of Information Governance IG / Records Information Management RIM program, policies, procedures, schedules, and plans (including disclosure, and email); identify compliance, transparency, and regulatory requirements; and provide required updates. To learn more about how we can help your organization, contact us.