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What Is The Toyota Production System (TPS)

TPS definition and on-line education

What is TPS. The Toyota Production System (TPS) is based upon continuous process improvement (CPI) and is geared towards elimination of all waste in a process by:

  • stopping a process immediately when a problem occurs, preventing defects from being produced (jidoka) and
  • only producing what is needed by the next process (just in time).

Typically wastes addressed by TPS including: overproduction (classically the largest waste), time on hand (waiting), transportation, processing itself, stock at hand, movement, and production of defective products/services.

These wastes, also defined as LEAN thinking, is a valuable way to look at a process, previous to increased workflow automation to improve quality, efficiency, and services. Of course to apply TPS or LEAN thinking it is best to do so after processes are baselined (defined), measured and analyzed so in a process redesign (previous to workflow automation) they can be improved (i.e. waste reduction) and controlled, to support continuous process improvement.

TPS related. CRE8 Independent Consultants provide TPS related training courses including:

  • On-line TPS LEAN training
  • On-site TPS LEAN training,
  • TPS LEAN coaching,
  • Kaizen events,
  • TPS LEAN office and steering committee development,
  • Decision making models,
  • Leadership support,
  • Dashboard, and
  • Performance review and measurement.

We also provide:

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