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Public Utility Process Improvement And Technology Planning

Public Utilities, including electric, natural gas, water, sewage, telephone, and transportation, are under pressure to improve processes and service, reduce cost and risk, and comply with regulation, public disclosure, and litigation requests.

Ways Public Utilities can respond include process improvement; advanced technologies such as electronic content management and digital workflow; replacing older computer systems that are end of life; and strengthen information governance and records management of content stored in email, shared network drives, data systems, and paper.

CRE8 Independent Consultants Public Utility Process, Technology, and Governance Improvement

Since 1995, we have assisted hundreds of organizations, and have extensive experience helping Public Utilities with:

  • Enterprise Studies - Inventory and assess organization, departments, and groups to identify process and technology improvement plan, ROI, and roadmap. Rank process and file areas to the risk of litigation, audit, and penalties (NERC).
  • Process improvement - Document, measure, and improve processes to reduce costs, waiting time, unnecessary steps, mistakes, communication issues, uncertainty, and re-work. Identify ways to improve customer service and experience.
  • Electronic Content Management - Develop requirements for ECM including capture, recognition, electronic signature, auto-classification, content management, digital workflow and electronic records management. Develop request for proposals and vendor assessment.
  • Improve the use of currently owned systems - Identify how existing functionality can be improved through training, configuration, and integration.
  • Computer system replacement - Identify system goals, functionality, costs, hosting, migration, replacement, and support requirements. Develop application design/RFP and assist with vendor evaluation.
  • Information Governance - Assess and strengthen Public Utility information governance (IG) public disclosure, email, and records management, policies, and procedures.
  • Records Information Management - Review and update records information management (RIM) schedules and training programs.

Example areas we have improved include finance, utility billing, project plan circulation, vehicle accident, hazmat, confined spaces, lockout/tagout, asset, inspection, inventory, records drawings, engineering operations, and work orders. Our consultants are skilled and certified in process improvement (LEAN, Six Sigma, BPM, TQM, Re-engineering, workflow), system replacement methodologies, information governance, and records management. As independent consultants, we do not sell or represent technology solutions, which allow CRE8 to provide an independent voice in the assessment of process improvement options, vendors, and approaches.

For a free phone consultation to discuss ways, CRE8 Independent Consultants can be of help to your Utility, contact us.