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CRE8 Resources

Articles, Blogs, Presentations, Press Releases, And White Papers.

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  • Can Enterprise Digital Workflow Improve Your Organization? Read More >
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  • How to Make ERM and ECM Work Through Proper Planning. Read Article >
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  • What Does the Price of Tea Have to Do with Paperless Technologies? Read Article >
  • Frictionless Organization: A Six-Step Plan to Reduce Friction. Read Article >
  • Is It Time for a Chief Process Officer? Read Article >
  • The Problem with SharePoint. Read Article >
  • Is There a Better Way to Treat Vendors and Customers? Read Article >
  • ECM planning assistance for State, County, Local and Educational organizations. Read Article >
  • ECM planning assistance Washington State, County, Local & Educational organizations. Read Article >
  • Email, Workflow and the Toyoda Production System (TPS). Read Article >
  • 6 Steps to Ensure a Failed ECM System. Read Article >
  • Inefficiencies, Challenges, and Risks of Using Shared Network Drives and Email for ECM. Read Article >
  • The Process of Establishing and Maintaining Information Governance. Read Article >
  • Is Email Harming Your Organization? Read Article >
  • Electronic Content Management, Digital Workflow, Electronic Records Management, and Process Improvement White Paper. Read White Paper >
  • What Are the Signs Your Law Firm Needs Process Improvement White Paper? Read White Paper >
  • Transform your Company through Modern Process Applications (BPM), AIIM Webinar. Read Article >
  • Why ECM Systems Fail?  Read Article >
  • How to Perform an Organizational Culture Checkup. Read Article >
  • A 3-Step Process Improvement Plan for Legal Departments for Corporate Counsel. Read Article >
  • How to Achieve Successful Paperless Technology Funding and Implementation, AIIM. Read Article >
  • Law Firms: Cut Costs, Attract Clients, Boost Profits, Law Technology News. Read Article >
  • Process Improvement for General Legal Counsel and Law Firms White Paper. Read Article >
  • Do You Have These Five Items on Your Process Six Sigma and ECM Technology Checklist? Read Article >
  • How LEAN and Digital Signature Technology Results in 79% Improvement in Efficiency. Read Article >
  • Paperless Technology Abilities, Risks, and Benefits: What You Should Know. Read Article >
  • Six Questions for a Radical Redesign Using Re-Engineering and Workflow. Read Article >
  • The 4 Ways to Tell if Paperless Technologies Are for You. Read Article >
  • Paperless Technologies and Process Improvement Webinar for SCIE ARMA Chapter. 
  • How to Draw that Elusive "Yes" (ROI) on Your Workflow Software. Read Article >
  • Put an End to Manual Data Processing, AIIM Worldwide Webinar. 
  • CRE8 sponsors the 10th Annual Law Firm Chief Information & Technology Officers Forum. 
  • How to Overcome the 5 Deadly Authorization Process Improvement Inefficiencies, AIIM.
  • CRE8 interviewed by Ken Adams on how to improve the contracting process. 
  • CRE8 sponsors the 26th Annual General Counsel Conference. 
  • Taking Automation a Step Further: Process Innovation & Paperless Technology, DSF.
  • Records Management and Process Improvement, ARMA Metro NYC Chapter.
  • Keys to Records Process Improvement presentation, ARMA Chicago Chapter.
  • Winning the Paper War A Four-Step Battle Plan, AIIM Worldwide.
  • Process Improvement = Procedure + Intervention, AIIM Worldwide Webinar.
  • How to Create Compelling Cost-Benefit Analyses to Get What You Need, Document Strategy Forum.
  • Expert Corner, New York City AIIM Boot Camp. 
  • How to Develop a Compelling Cost-Benefit Analysis to Support the Purchase of Workflow and DM.
  • Paperless Technology Planning Consulting Advice on the Show Floor at NYC Info360 Show.
  • Practical Steps to Integrate your ECM System with Other Applications to Improve Your Processes.
  • Process Improvement and Records Management, ARMA at Noon.
  • Fierce Content Management Webinar Entitled - Driving Efficiency Through Document Capture.
  • Interviews Vendors at the INFO360 Trade Show and Tips on How to Plan For ECM and Workflow.
  • How To Plan For E-discovery and Electronic Content Document Management Without Losing Your Hair.
  • How to Significantly Improve Service and Reduce Costs Through Process Improvement and Workflow.