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Complex Computer Replacement Workshop, Free: Planning Approaches, And Methods.

Replacement of complex computer systems can be risky, time-consuming, and costly. Each day there are reports of failed and mediocre computer system installations that cost organizations millions of dollars, customers loss, audit/regulatory penalties, and the jobs of those blamed. Studies show in the United States alone the cost of failed and re-worked computer system is 75 billion dollars a year.

Why do systems fail? Causes include selection of the wrong software company, integrator, and believing a vendor selected can build and configure the system your organization needs - at the time and cost that you are willing to invest. Without the proper development of requirements “before vendor selection and implementation” there is no way to assure proper vendor selection, and a way to hold a vendor accountable to deliver the system desired - within time and budget required. You would not build a building without a proper design (plan), why implement a computer without one!

This 20-minute free workshop will discuss, from an independent consultant “vendor neutral” point of view:

  • why complex computer system replacement projects fail,
  • the cost of failed, mediocre system, or redeveloped systems,
  • how to define system replacement goals,
  • how to create an application design to property define requirements and hold a vendor accountable, and
  • timeline, project management, and GAP/Fit goals.


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Mr. George Dunn, President of CRE8 Independent Consultants, is a recognized computer software replacement, vendor assessment, and implementation quality assurance consultant. He has successfully designed systems from 25 to over 25,000 users, and improved processes for organizations ranging in size from 25 to over 250,000 employees. George is certified in system development, workflow, LEAN, Six Sigma, and BPM; has participated in global technology standards committees; and is a highly rated speaker and author for AIIM, ARMA, and Document Strategy Forum.


CRE8 Independent Consultants specializes in helping organizations plan for complex computer replacement. CRE8 also assists with electronic content management, workflow, information governance, and process improvement planning. As independent consultants, CRE8 does not sell or represent technology solutions. This allows CRE8 to provide an independent voice, to help organizations plan for and evaluate technology, software vendor, and integrator options.