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Cybersecurity On-line Classes And Certification

CRE8 is proud to offer MindEdge Cybersecurity learning courses developed by business school professors, industry professionals, and subject matter experts. MindEdge founded in 1998 by Harvard and MIT educators, continues to innovate in the rapidly changing landscape of on-line education and has served over two million learners.

Classes include Certificate in Cybersecurity, CISSP Exam Prep Course, CISSP Practice Exams and Exam Strategies, CompTIA Security Exam Prep Course, Real World Cloud Cybersecurity Scenarios, Real World Cybersecurity Scenarios, Access Control and Identify Management Scenarios, Application Data and Host Security Scenarios, Asset Security, Cloud Application Security, Cloud Data Security, Cloud Infrastructure, and Platform Security, Cloud Operations Security, Communication and Network Security, Compliance and Operational Security Scenarios, Cryptography Scenarios, Identify and Access Management, Introduction to Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity, Introduction to Cybersecurity, Network Security Scenarios, Security and Risk Management, Security Assessment and Testing, Security Engineering, Security Operations, Software Development Security, and Treats and Vulnerabilities Scenarios.

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