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Process Improvement Workshop, Free: How To Develop An Approach That Works.

To be competitive, keep customers, increase profitability, and survive sales or budget downturns organizations must always be looking for ways to improve. An innovative approach is to look at low cost, quick deployment "procedural" process changes that have tremendous benefit. Studies show that a significant number of organizational issues can be quickly resolved through "procedural changes", and improved use of "currently owned computer systems".

This 20-minute free workshop will discuss, from an independent consultant point of view:

  • what are the signs your organization needs process improvement,
  • process improvement methods (LEAN, Six Sigma, BPM, TQM, FrictionTst),
  • a simple six-step process improvement approach for your organization,
  • how to plan for process improvement at the enterprise, department, and workgroup level,
  • how to get employees to participate in, and sustain process improvement,
  • case study examples, and
  • why process improvement is important before the purchase of a new computer system.


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Mr. George Dunn, President of CRE8 Independent Consultants, is a worldwide recognized process improvement consultant. He has successfully improved processes for organizations ranging in size from 25 to over 250,000 employees. George has assisted hundreds of organizations, across industry sectors, and trained thousands of individuals. He is certified in Total Quality Management, LEAN, Six Sigma, Business Process Management, Quality is Free, and Workflow improvement methodologies. George has developed a new process improvement methodology FrictionTst. George is a highly rated speaker and author for AIIM, ARMA, and Document Strategy Forum.


CRE8 Independent Consultants specializes in helping organizations plan for process and organizational improvement. CRE8 also has extensive experience assisting with workflow, paperless technology, and complex computer replacement planning. As independent consultants, CRE8 does not sell or represent technology solutions. This allows CRE8 to provide an independent voice, to help organizations plan for and evaluate, process improvement options, increased usage of owned technology, and as required, new technology solutions.