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The Frictionless Organization

Frictionless organization definition, examples, consulting assistance, and articles.

What is Organizational Friction? Organizational friction disrupts interaction with customers, operations, and vendors; which can negatively impact revenue, expenses, and compliance. Signs of friction include lost sales, complaints on social media, wasted customer and organization time, lack of coordination between departments, problems created that shouldn’t have happened in the first place, lower profitability, and regulatory/legal penalties.

Examples of Organizational Friction include complex on-line order web pages, transferring a customer by phone to numerous areas, lack of after-sale customer service, chargebacks, and refunds, rework, frustration between and within departments, and seeing the customer as a problem. Root causes and fixes of friction can be found in an organization’s beliefs, processes, automation, and measurement.

How can CRE8 be of Assistance? CRE8 Independent Consultants can work with your organization to conduct a Friction>Less™ assessment to identify where friction exists and how to reduce it. As independent consultants, we provide an objective and independent review of your organization. Our assessment will (provide)

  • Find where friction exists, beginning with an inventory of processes and current automation,
  • Rank friction in terms of how it impacts customer orders, loyalty, service, feedback; and internal quality and efficiency,
  • Identify frictionless goals, timelines, and roadmap,
  • Change the way people work within your organization by identifying procedural changes to reduce friction,
  • Technology identification and vendor assessment, including required changes to currently owned systems, to reduce friction,
  • Implementation oversight to help ensure procedural and technology changes will meet frictionless goals, and timelines,
  • Ongoing review of measurements, and
  • Needed follow-up, as requested.

Our assistance to reduce organizational friction can range from enterprise studies to focus on specific areas of need. For a free phone consultation to discuss ways to reduce friction in your organization and how CRE8 Independent Consultants can be of help, contact us.

Since 1995, CRE8 has been assisting organizations with planning for Process Improvement, Advanced Technology Planning, and Complex Computer System Replacement. We also provide

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